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Feelings is one the largest pieces that I ever did in my career. It showcases my drawing abilities and using dry media that enhances my raw skills and not overpowering them. The main focus in this piece technically was through my way of coloring this piece, I slowly guided my audience journey to this piece in a very controlled way. By adding 3 distinct colors throughout my piece ;red,orange,blue. I can guide my audience attention to the things that I wanted them to see.What is repeated in this piece is the crows, scattered around the pieces in various situations and moments.Some dying and some peacefully standing by, as if they knew too much.Having such a complex tittle and concept to depict creates a lot of room for creativity. Through the process of making this piece I slowly started drifting away through the shear moment that I was in or the conversation that I had with my mind.It always came down to how I was feeling at that moment, was I feeling secured ? scared ? afraid ? it showed.Being a large piece as this, in every section of this artwork  a reflection of how I was feeling while I was working on it daily was shown.Feelings.

  • size

    320 x 160

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