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Fountain of Love

Fountain of Love


Fountain of love- was an interesting artworks that I have made back in 2017. A piece that has a continuation of a story that spans onto two canvases. This piece depicts a shared moment in time., as if two moments of the same time and space are happening parallel to each other. As you can see one piece is depicted more positive from the other. The use of lighter tones of blue  reflects that and on the opposite canvas an invert of a the mood that depicts negativity with to use of darker red/pink shades. What I wanted to emphasize on and to give out in this piece was everything that is happening in your life right now is balanced. Be it perceived good or bad, negative or positive. The opposite feeling is always there to balance the other, and this conclusion comes down to just perspective. How I depicted this visually in this artwork was through the use of my objects. Starting on the left, to the figure's perspective everything is fixed and blossoming, but everything out of its perspective becomes broken, shattered. So it might be appearing positive at first glance but taking in to account the surroundings it shows the ''trouble in paradise ''. As for the right piece, everything at the figures perspective appears to be broken and shattered ,this time the figure chooses to dwell in sorrow and negativity but the surroundings of what in the previous piece was broken and shattered, this time is fixed and untouched. The emotion that I chose to explain this concept in was love, a very personal and unique feeling that no description is available for a universal understanding. An eastern light blues/ pink color scheme that brings out this fairy tail of emotion, that we all have felt before and never could explain it. So it all comes down to perceptive, how our lives work, a very realistic piece of the fundamental aspect of balance. Fountain of love.

  • size

    250x 170 cm overall
    150 x 170 cm each canvas

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