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Resonance-  A visual question to understand the "self" better. Walking among the beauty and subtle changes of the unknown. A love ripple in the water that we are surrounded by, a resonance. Creating a bridge around connections and feelings that we can all feel. As we can see this piece is surrounded with water, but throughout it there is two swans which gracefully are placed around the female figure in the middle. She is the focal point in this piece without any facial characteristics. This was done to enhance the beauty of a females body and what it stands for. No need for facial characteristic for ones figure, for simply by the presence of a body figure , we all relate and resonate with the theme at hand. Flower patterns covering the face and shoulders, the sheer emphasis of beauty that they used to grow from.  If you were to look closely, a red clothe is unfolding her ''covered'' face. Hinting a beautiful array of flowers, overlapping and substituting for facial expressions. Through beauty we resonate an almost 'angelic" glow from which we allow connect to. Resonance

  • size

    240 x 150 cm

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