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Welcome to the introductory section of the audio logs of  "The Stonemason" 's journey. The audio logs will be a library of all the progress and thoughts presented and archived through unedited vocal excerpts and written transcripts - expressing my ponderings and ideas as I develop them. You may call me Fabio, the person behind the Kakolukia signature name, I am a visual storyteller and most of you might know me from my twitch years painting FLOW and conversing through it as it was being developed.   The Stonemason theme came to me after my first leg of my travels, initially after the completion of FLOW I swore that I would stay off art for quite some time - 10 months later, while in my travels, art started to introduce its way back to me. I would walk and experience the beauty of northern europe and the urge came to express both in words and illustrations of what I was feeling inside. Such diversity and culture and rich history allowed me to open up my mind to what came before, that I now witness and experience in front of me. Through the creation of my traveling art page on my website, through my reflective blogs and the new poetry section, I began opening myself to the many languages of art that I kept locked inside. The idea of capturing places I have traveled through on a monthly drawing session; depicting my experiences and personal understandings, sparking a number of drawings/poetries and paragraphs with each having their own detailed and analytical emotional backgrounds that were deeply rooted in my surroundings. After working on that for a few months, the idea of The Stonemason came to me.  My new theme, "The Stonemason" is a short story, written and illustrated through a uniquely interactable concept of uncovering this layered story behind an array of detailed objects in the compositions. In having hand drawn illustrations to accompany the literature reflecting what was being described. A story that takes place around this figure in his old age in a tower up on a hill, uncovering his life through his statues and surroundings, tackling themes such us; isolation, remorse, love, loss and the impact of war. Represented in a creative way on how the layers of story would commence and be delivered to the observer- by using all the tools and lessons I learned through my travels and acting as inspirations the places I have visited. A very fascinating approach in tackling a story that has nothing to do with big paintings as my former theme had, but much rather the willingness of the viewer to explore and see by their own interests.   The basis of my art has been to reward people in the amount of time they dedicate to it, coming off from that idea this here story will emphasise on that. Creating a story that if read for its face value it will have a quite liniar build up, resulting in a two dimensional scope. If interacted and questioned within the illustrated design's environments, the viewer would begin to uncover and understand the many layed out secrets and details that were added to it. Discovering rich story pieces and the depth of the personality of the stonemason. All scattered around his environment delving deeper into his mind and his many perplexed ideas. Acting as interactable points in the drawings, much like puzzles, to be pieced together and pondered over. You will discover both first person written pages and lots of objects and hints in uncovering both the timeline that this story is in but also what cause the version of this current stonemason to exist and what made him come to such a conclusion.    The logs will take the format of my stage to stage troubleshooting of what I am struggling with or what worked, or didn't work and what am currently working on and etc. The story will be broken in three Arcs - the first one coming out most probably by the end of November or start of December 2023. And then the other two arcs coming in two to three months between each arc depending on how my creativity guides and allows me to. The logs will be more or less weekly, to keep you up to date on what is currently being worked on and tackled on in the story. It is my hope by the end of the Stonemason's story arcs  to move this away from its initial digital delivery and have this in a physical book format that will serve as a chapter of both interesting literature but a unique way of uncovering stories through a marriage between arts.   If anyone wishes to support this new journey there will be links to my tier sub list along with a donation section in the description to help me journey through this new theme with fewer distractions . The best way in supporting this, is through a tier sub from my website, as that gives you rewards in return. I will also require some designated "play testers" that have the time and energy in testing many of the delivery aspects of the story as they are interactables through the website. Thus, I will need to know how they are coming across and how to refine them and present them better. If you are interested in it and don't mind some spoilers, let me know by email or through a direct message on instagram. Every person who donates or subs or helps in any way, will be written in the thank you notes page of the book   I hope this new journey serves as a unique exploration of interacting with art and questioning it at a person level with the tools and perspectives that will be expressed and taught through these entry logs, and the many discoveries through the story. Feel free to leave comments and interact with the logs, adding feedback and ideas that might interest you or wish to raise. This here marks the beginning of my new theme, date of recording 23 october 2023, let the stonemasons archiving and exploration begin.




LOG #1

WEEK 1 ~ 1/11/23


  • Currently working on the third chapter of ARC 1 ~ with some questions being brought up.

  • Explanation on how the first three chapters are formed and a basic overview of the story.

  • The first two chapters are almost done in their written form, and an inside on how that was done in my travels.

  • A correlation between writing and their respected illustrations - how that will unfold and a basic vocal example.

  • Hopes of finishing the third chapter before the next week, or at least the major content of it.

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LOG #2

WEEK 2 ~ 6/11/23


  • The progress of last week's work.

  • ARC 1 writing is generally finished and continues on the final re-writes.

  • Information about the drawings, commencing next week and their size.

  • Talks about the release window of ARC 1 and why the chosen date.

  • Explaining of worries and struggles in the progress.

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LOG #3

WEEK 3 ~ 13/11/23


  • The detail progress update of last week's work.

  • ARC 1 writing is finished along with the letters/poem and book entries.

  • Tested out the execution of how everything is going to be displayed.

  • Talks about confirming the release day along with a detailed description on some of the story.

  • This week will be all about the drawing aspect of the story - along with a roadmap of how it's going to progress.

  • Explaining of worries and struggles in the progress. And an newfound confidence.

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LOG #5

WEEK 5 ~ 27/11/23


  • The detail progress update of last week's work.

  • Not a lot of progress was made this week

  • All the reference compositions for the designs are all done.

  • Talks about the directions of the colour scheme. 

  • Focusing on the drawing part this week and seeing how my time management will go

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LOG #4

WEEK 4 ~ 20/11/23


  • The detail progress update of last week's work.

  • Showcasing compositional sketches and elaborating on them.

  • Worked the compositions through photoshop first - compiling the design with lots of references. Thus ensuring a high- detailed design.

  • Talks and showcase of how the drawing roadmap is going to be. 

  • This week will be all about drawing and testing the digital compositions ito physical - timing how fast I can deliver each design, in clarifying if the initial release date is feasible.

  • Explaining my time management issue due to the enhancement in quality, opening an idea in extending the initial release date - but providing a chapter or two on the day of the release date as a sample.

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LOG #6

WEEK 6 ~ 4/12/23


  • The detail progress update of last week's work.

  • Showcasing behind the scene drawing measurements

  • Elaboration on potential secrets and easter eggs

  • Extension of initial deadline. 

  • Progress update on the drawing.

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LOG #7

WEEK 7 ~ 11/12/23

  • The detail progress update of last week's work.

  • The design I've been working on is almost done - scheduled to finish by Tuesday.

  • New design starting Wednesday.

  • Explanation on my work schedule and how the graphite is treating me.

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LOG #8

WEEK 8 ~ 18/12/23

  • The detail progress update of last week's work.

  • A big lesson learned this week that shaped a foundational perspective.

  • A unique log coming next week that showcases some core elements on how the interactive part of the theme will be executed.

  • This week's work will be on design number 2 out of 6 as the 1st one is officially done.

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LOG #9

WEEK 9 ~ 25/12/23

  • The detail progress update of last week's work along with a showcasing of the prototype of how the "interactable" aspect of the story will be build on.

  • Showcasing the potential and creative freedom this interaction has.

  • A revamp of the second composition was made along with an overall improved understanding on how to proceed.

  • Talks of the new deadline hitting March/early April.

  • Focusing on finishing the measurements for the second design this week.

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LOG #10

WEEK 10 ~ 1/01/24

  • Final log of the year

  • A bit of backstory on the origins of the Stonemason and what led to the story

  • A quick update on the weeks work - 70% done of design number 2, will be finalized this week.

  • Wishes for a beautiful new year

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LOG #11

WEEK 11 ~ 8/01/24

  • First log of the year

  • Expressing the mental imprint of the effect this character is having on me.

  • A quick update on the weeks work - 90% done of design number 2, will finish end of this week.

  • Thoughts the longevity of me working on this theme and the financial side of it.

  • Beginning of talks of a promotional idea of selling the last remaining paintings of FLOW to fund this theme.

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LOG #12

WEEK 12 ~ 15/01/24

  • The second design is finished.

  • Showcasing the textural papers that I have been using and their major differences.

  • A quick update on the measuring method.


  • Thoughts on the new composition that I will be working on.


  • Beginning of my commission journey and how is different they are going to be

  • Expressing some reflective thoughts on the journey so far and in focus, my mental health.

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LOG #13

WEEK 13 ~ 22/01/24

  • Third design is going smoothly. 50% done in one week

  • Touching upon some past log mending issues.

  • An update on the release date and why.


  • What questions follow the new deadline.

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LOG #14

WEEK 14 ~ 29/01/24

  • Third design is underway last week of measuring with focusing on the shades.

  • Reflecting on the mock up design and how it changed

  • All around a deeper scope on the design aspect of the theme.


  • An estimate of another week for the piece to be completed.

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LOG #15

WEEK 15 ~ 05/02/24

  • Third design is almost done, taking time to re-evaluate it carefully.

  • New insides with the unrestricted time shift.


  • Reflection and new understandings of the skill set.

  • Talks about a few days break after the finishing of this design to re-evaluate the writing and the what's happened so far.

  • Current week will be focusing on finishing the design along with the re-evaluation of the other two established ones.

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LOG #16

WEEK 16 ~ 12/02/24

  • Reflecting on the story and its implication in the designs

  • Third design just made breakthroughs in new texture designs.

  • All designs are being re-evaluated due to this breakthrough/ skill difference and how this applies in the story


  • An estimate of another week for the piece to be completed.

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LOG #17

WEEK 17 ~ 19/01/24

  • Third design is officially over.

  • First design has been updated with the textural new techniques that I learned

  • Second design is still on the works with the update.


  • An estimate of another week for the piece to be completed.

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LOG #18

WEEK 18 ~ 26/01/24

  • First three designs are officially done.

  • Comparison pictures of before and after the overhaul, featuring wall bricks and wooden textures.

  • Elaborating on what has been learned and the new direction moving onto the next three designs.

  • This week will be re-establishing the foundation of the next three designs by looking into their reference and updating/downgrading them based on their storytelling needs.

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LOG #19

WEEK 19 ~ 04/03/24

  • Beginning of design four.

  • A new compositional deep dive of the new design, along with a break down to its shape and the order of drawing.

  • Touching upon the website and how it feel at the moment and what will be changing moving forward.

  • This week work will be about measuring and drawing of design number 4.

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LOG #20

WEEK 20 ~ 11/03/24

  • Design number 4 going smoothly.

  • A plethora of new thoughts about the layering of the story and how that reflect with life.

  • New research needs to be made for a more thorough and "meaty" structure for the story .

  • This week will consist of measuring drawing sections 3/4 and 5.

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LOG #21

WEEK 21 ~ 18/03/24

  • Design number 4 going smoothly.

  • A plethora of new thoughts about the layering of the story and how that reflect with life.

  • New research needs to be made for a more thorough and "meaty" structure for the story .

  • This week will consist of measuring drawing sections 3/4 and 5.

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LOG #22

WEEK 22 ~ 25/03/24

  • Down to section 6-7-8 to draw

  • A thought of taking a month for reading after the illustrative designs.

  • Shedding the concept of "perfectionism" 

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LOG #23

WEEK 23 ~ 1/04/24

  • Last week of the design 

  • Reflection and pondering on seeing the similarities and difference of all of the designs.

  • A brief recap of the struggles and overhauls of the design and its textures.

  • Optimistic ending of feeling that the process of this design was the smoothest one yet.

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LOG #24

WEEK 24 ~ 8/04/24

  • Concluding the design

  • Some information on the difficulties faced with the design.

  • With the finalization of the design, this week will be spend in cleaning up the backlog that The Stonemason's design brought up.

  • A week full of side things around the theme for a better ergonomically positive approach to the fifth design.

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LOG #25

WEEK 25 ~ 15/04/24

  • A positive outlook on catching up with life and the backlog created by focusing fully in this new theme

  • A few ideas on how the fifth design will work.

  • "Break" from the theme brought some new insights on the progress that was made so far.

  • This week, marks the beginning of design number 5/6.

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LOG #26

WEEK 26 ~ 22/04/24

  • Beginning of design 5. 

  • Showcasing the compositional shapes of design 5 and there explanation.

  • Breaking the log into two sections, compositional progression and mental state.

  • Interesting reference on how the metaphorical road of any journey bares unwanted ventures and locations that one didn't initially wished for visiting.

  • This week work will be an attempt on tackling compositions 1-4 (referenced in the compositional shape screenshot through the log).

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LOG #27

WEEK 27 ~ 29/04/24

  • Continued work on design 5. 

  • Felling in the compositional shapes with its respected designs.

  • This design is filled with innuendos that are music based and implies a musical inclination that is tight into the story.

  • Studying in learning how to read music sheets and in part, attempt to write/draw one.

  • This week work add more details to the sections already added into the composition in hopes of next week tackling the side compositional shapes of the designs.

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LOG #28

WEEK 28 ~ 06/05/24

  • Continuing/ mid way into design number 5.

  • The shift behind working hours and contemplating hours. How that helps the ergonomics of the art.

  • A more contemplative approach towards the art and how that is captured in my story notebook.

  • Emphasizing the unique twist of each design and how that evolves both in the protagonist and me the creator of it.

  • Talks of a potential prototype in the horizon on how the interactive part of the design will work.

  • This week work will be an attempt on tackling compositions 5-7.

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LOG #29

WEEK 29 ~ 13/05/24

  • Towards the end of design number 5 with 2 sections left for completion.

  • An opening for feedback analysis on your personal definitions of the emotions depicted in the story, by reaching out directly to me on my social media account on Instagram to understand the diversity for its inclusivity.

  • A much "Freer" approach in designing sections 5-7, with a ratio of 30:70; 30 measurements and 70 creative freedom in concluding those sections.

  • Contemplating as this comes to and end and only left with one more design of this scale, how that will pan out.

  • This week work will be an attempt on tackling compositions 8-9, the last two sections.

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LOG #30

WEEK 30 ~ 20/05/24

  • An extend of finishing the fifth design, designing the face took a bit more time than expected

  • The analogy how a character in a background interacts with the world that is created in and in the creation of the character without its background it creates an infinite loop of "what ifs".

  • A reflective talk on how the overhaul of skills and thought was documented on the timeline of designs.

  • A poll will be made on which design is the most desirable to experience its mock up interactive experience.

  • Final week of the design and its conclusion.

YouTube Video

LOG #31

WEEK 31 ~ 27/05/24

  • Design number 5 is officially over.

  • A reflective end, emphasis on slowing down the conclusion of design number 5- a reflective state that breaks patterns and breaths anew. With a small section left incomplete, for future iterations with it's story twist.

  • Acknowledgment of my artistical progression that reflects from the first till the fifth design, the fifth being the most skillfully inclined design.

  • Reflecting on how time spend on this theme brought fluctuational changes of old patters.

  • The beginning of the story recap of 'The Stonemason' that will take place every 10 logs. Initially to comprehend it better and to see how it slowly grows and changes with the new additions.

  • Work for this week; revisiting of the reference of design number 6, strengthen its foundations with a head-start of measurements for next week's drawing works and finishing of loose ends before the final design of the six statues.

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