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A journey anew.


I am once more in my studio, gazing away at life, pondering - creating memories into compositions and compositions into experiences. Endless images scattered around in an immaculate endless maze. From each of its path; words, words depicting sensitivity and emotions which lessons were learned from, and some still awaiting to be learned. Peace lingering through it, days spend in art's embrace; bringing to view my recent traveling months, with its diversity and its oh-so perplexing discoveries. A pause that allowed for creativity to blossom and flower a thematical direction, that at first was mundane and simple, onto a monthly of flurry of recollection of thoughts. 'The Stonemason'. A plethora of research done behind this new theme, a rather unique approach to how I create art, introducing the countless lessons learned since the beginning, and my newfound voice. A voice that serenates thoughts and personality; inspired by the world's actions and sounds, which now presented as carefully wrapped layers of art, intertwined through past and present in shaping its experience.

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