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I am a visual storyteller that documents emotions of our life through art. I wish to promote individuality and to show empathy and reality; empathy shows the self projection of my audience in my pieces and reality to the imperfect and unpredictability of peoples lives. My work is semi realistic, above the imaginary and aggressive elements in my pieces, the human elements are prioritized; focusing  on human nature and what can be understood from it. Using my ever growing perception of society through my developing visual language arsenal as my guidance in depicting both emotions and life events.

I have spend around all my life looking and being around art. From my many inspirations of wonderful artists  who guided me in exploring deeper of my own self and surroundings. After finishing my artistic studies and dropping out of my university back in 2015. I started exploring myself and what is art for me. From then onwards to the many experimentations of finding a balance of my emotional vocabulary and the artistic skillset through freelancing, I started working on my personal theme of "FLOW/finding one's self". I spend from 2018-2022 streaming the process online from twitch(a streaming platform). Creating this protagonist who takes the journey in life of finding her self through society. Starting from stylistic inspirations from the Ukiyo-e style in Japan and moving towards artist who had modernized that style such as James Jean's work and Hokusai. Moving through the years in FLOW I started developing my own language and expressions moving away from painting influences and moving into musical influences and storytelling. Allowing for a three dimensional observation of what art can be and can do for the person experiencing the curated journey. No longer emphasizing on 'form" or "painting skillsets" and being "unique" nor "the best". But simply understanding the power of how using a multitude of artistic elements, true art, can be created. As everything is interlinked in creating stories.
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