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"Divine" Interventions - for who else would meddle in your affairs if not for the "divine".

The fifth installment of the drawing exploration of Delft, a simultaneously worked on design with the last and final piece "Iustitia". I began forming "Divine" Intervention while observing these magnificent array of religious iconographies found on the olden buildings of Delft. Scattered around consistently enough not to be forgotten, I would contemplate what it would be like being sat on those embellished golden thrones. In giving orders were orders were perceived to be law, oblivious of the havoc that fell on your subjects and let alone, yourself.

Vividly forming this illustration; the said figure of power sat on the throne surrounded by its divine council. Slowly but surely they would pull the religious strings and meddle in all affairs of the newfound kingdom. Appointing labels for what is good or bad, to what is vulgar or sophisticated, in what should everyone form or break from. A peculiar form of theater, the person in power, being no more capable than the peasant walking the tainted streets in which you now rule. For such role was written and imagined by someone else's ink and rules, you simply must do your part; to show up, sit upright and speak only when spoken to and in the manner that was intended for you, god forbit you ever cross the fine line of character and self. Then you might just need your own "divine" intervention. Whiles proving to have little to no freedom than the vulgar scum that your meddlers would appoint as. Meaning; anyone who doesn't blatantly agree with their story direction and tone falls to the bottomless pits of despair which you helped dig with your own two hands.

~"Divine" Intervention~

Graphite on white paper, painted framed

 x 18 cm 

Collection from; "Exploring the New world designs - Chapter 1, Delft"

The smallest design of the collec
tion -the fifth installment
delivery and frame included in price*

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*Music -Pärt: Fratres · Gidon Kremer · Keith Jarrett

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