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''Grounded''. Grounded; the ability to feel where you belong and where you started. Going back to realize what is worth among the things that made you, made you to who you are right now. The unnatural colors scheme works with itself in harmony, making it the focal point of this painting. A reflective moment in time to understand where you came from, your upbringing. How your past shaped who you are, but equally who you don't wish to be anymore. Not everyone's past has to be their current present, nor does it has to be their future. One of the smallest sizes that I worked on at the time, a peculiar feeling to create on such small space. I felt my mind quite trapped in the corners of this painting. It felt like imprisonment of the figure within this small box, slowly outgrowing its corners and boundaries. Perhaps by choice, or by nessesity.

Year of completion- 2017

Size - 100 x 80  cm

Media - Acrylic on canvas.
Not framed - packaged and rolled in a tube.


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