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~The Dance of Morality ~


~The Dance of Morality~

Graphite on cream paper, framed

24,5 x 33 cm 

Collection from; "Exploring the New world designs - Chapter 1, Delft"

First installment that started the collection

delivery and frame included in price*


The Dance of Morality - The stones and its wonders that create sprawling designs of human sin.

Years passed since I taken upon the art of capturing my surroundings. I, have to admit I was in awe in how beautifully kept everything seemed at first. I often caught myself gazing on the statues and the little textures every building had. The sheer  wonder overwhelmed all my sense, from the religious figures to the most exquisite of gargoyles meeting your every gaze with a grim smile. I wanted to capture it all, my mind demanded of me to begin making sense of it; the symbols; the textures and their origins, but not of their true origin, but the origin that made sense to me, one of a stranger in this, new world.

"The dance of morality" the prelude of my explorative recording of the new world. It follows an exhilarating motion, enveloping this fine beauty that stands on the bottom of it all. Behind, sprawls these many little detailed fiends; creatures of amiable nature, intrigued by her beauty, although masked and short, they grew complacent of her dismissiveness. Thus, they took it upon themselves to consume what was not willingly given to them, her attention. Using their ties with morality in a waltz, did they commence a glorious performance in placing her to their collection. Circling her and tangling her with their motions did they succeed in enveloping her. Soon to become a masked, lustful puppet for them to feed on, draining any trace of youth and beauty one naturally may have possessed resulting in her serene and everlasting slumber of death. A dance of seduction that was foretold before it even began.

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*Music -Les patineurs, Op. 183 "Skater's Waltz": Let Patineurs, Op. 183

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