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~A Lover's Sacrifice~
Graphite on white paper, framed

16,5 x 21,5 cm 

Collection from"Exploring the New world designs - Chapter 1, Delft"

The fourth installment of the collection

delivery and frame included*


A Lover's Sacrifice- to what caused the sacrifice?

After completing a few inspired pieces from the museum of Vermeer my mind began pondering on the messages of love. Reflecting on the need and inexplicable desire to have it constantly nears us and constantly reaffirmed to us. To do without it, might be a prolonged starvation that leads to the most excruciating death one ever feels. But to die knowing that you were killed by it, whiles having it?...echoed profusely in my thoughts.

Thus, my mind begun pondering on that dilemma, 'to die loved, or what it seems to be loved, for who or what, guarantees such love'. I would question furiously as  I roamed the streets of Delft. Walking by the long stretched canals on bricked layered roads, accompanied by gothic buildings that transferred the imaginative to an era long forgotten. Allowing my mind to formulate a story, a dilemma, of A lover's sacrifice.

A depiction of a gallant knight, virtues as he may, his longing to be with his lover ends with a piercing stab to his heart. Peculiarly enough till his dying breath, his loving intentions were true, even in death did he present her with a rose. An utter surrender of all his senses before this immaculate beauty that he thought so highly of. In her, do we see her gentleness, the way her hand touches and holds his head as the blade pierces his chest, leaving a festering open wound that no mere blade could have ever caused. In such action we see the regret and loathing of her self, what caused her then to do the unspeakable? What lays on her head, commanding her actions? Pointing away like a charioteer ordering the direction the horses should take. Could it be, her conditioning, creeping up to destroy something genuine? Leaving behind a stretched dilemma that our eyes cannot make sense of, making way for our other senses to complete this incomplete enigma. A tragic sacrifice, overflowing of love and the nature of deceive, embellished forever in a frame for all to question and ponder the truth.

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*Music -Ralph Vaughan Williams (Norfolk Rhapsody)

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