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"Self" - a piece that shows a part of me that I left behind ever since I started creating art again back in 2017. Shedding of the past for the future to grow and develop. Using a restricted colour scheme to maximize creativity and understanding of one's self. "Self" was my first attempt at painting since 2 years of not doing so. It was a drop of water in an oasis of not physically creating artwork. Only my mind constantly creating loops of visual pieces of my scenarios that were happening around me, like a broken projector that  still has the film on repeat. I was going through the motions, only my heart and soul being attached to what was real for me. This piece was the epiphany of the beginning and understanding of what art really means for me, what the begin of self feels. Self.

Year of completion- 2017
Size - 240 x 150 cm.

Media - Acrylic on Paper.
Not framed - Packaged and rolled in a tube.

EUR 550 *note, there is a 20 euro extra delivery charge.

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