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~The Fall~


As I was falling I realised she didn't fall.
She didn't take the step off the ledge after all.

As I am falling now,I fail
to recall;
why, oh why...damned it all.
Was it me? Or was it the fall?
What could it be, the cause of this stall.

Should I recall,
I would stop this fall.

my mind is playing tricks on me after all.

As I am falling now,
I wonder why did I then allow myself to fall.
Have I been blind, or was she just not that strong? With nothing else to show,
but her face as I know,
enhancing this downwards

All I am left with is but my own squall. 

As I am near to the end of this fall,
I have nothing more to say nor recall.
What I was searching, I sought
I fell and she did not.
Why!? I guess I'll never kno
Why did I fall?
Must have been for the drunken passion of lo....-


The fall
Black Marble
face 3_edited.png

In each of my falls, I would only see their faces accompanying my every stage of dissent. Those petrifying eyes, gazing like a shimmering glare when hit by the warm rays of the sun. Much like the sun, If stared for too long one could see things, in those eyes a whole new person manifests before you, monitoring and occasionally coming out on spells of excitement. Reflecting the childish glee that one lost in the process of growing up. The distinct and unique nose that accompanied and bestowed the subtle symmetry of a face, softly and ever so gently rounding off the imperfections of a beautiful symphony of shapes. Topped off by a curved organic shape of the mouth, to which words of the most amiable or hurtful tones could liberate or haunt you. A piercing sound, cutting deeper and further than anything imaginable.

In this very poem I reenacted the act of "falling in love". To fall; to take a dive, a plunge, a leap... To be accompanied in the fall is but a question many too late do they notice. A design mirroring and depicting this very moment in both the sketch and the overwhelming feeling of seeking of this inflated idea of someone falling and loving you. In such fall and in the spiral of questioning, it concludes in tragedy. The ending of death, in all the timespan of our questioning  takes, so does life reminds us of the finnit time we really have here. For in every conclusion we are met with our fundamental bargain that we all took when coming in this world; our morality. 


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The fall
circle joined exlusive.png

The compositional aspect of this design took an interesting turn. As the original sketch was finished and clearly depicted the fall and the words of the poem; I took it upon me to illustrated in a more abstract version the effects of both the afterlife and reality that would be present in such an event. In a circular pattern, much like the cycle of life turning, so does this interchangeable design of choosing  which side would coherently be displayed.

The afterlife; with both the female and the male characters overlapping each other like ethereal beings, both softley painted, like clouds thundering on a stormy day. Hope and yearning electrifying the atmosphere sparking the loud roarings that cause the static particles to form the chain lightning ensemble that depicted such passion. Both figures depicting symbols of gods and entities of biblical nature, for in my eyes those who pass gracefully in love, take the mantle of the pantheons that made us, the stars. 

The reality side be it an origin from the sketch, it interweaves with each other, forming a perfecting picture anchored to shapes and overlappings of the key elements of the original design. Forming hidden symbols that only by observations would one make sense off, overruling the glorified perfection of the symmetry in the portrait of the women. 

*Interchangeable design; can be twisted around to prioritize the side you want to display.

*'Shuttered Fall'~ A variation that depicts the broken perception of our mind's idea of the person we thought harbored loved for us but never taking the fall with us.


~The Drawing~

Black Marble
Drawing design
Shuttered Fall
The Fall


Poem page
Drawing of Fall



Bundle I (LIMITED)

The original sketch of 'The Fall' - alongside with its two variations - 'Shuttered Fall' & 'The Fall'


Poem page


*Poem design is included in the bundle

EUR 140  112
*only one is available for sale
*delivery included in price


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