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Desert in Dark
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Thoughts writing.png
Thoughts writing.png
Thoughts writing.png
Thoughts writing.png
Thoughts writing.png

Silent were their steps; softly approaching, menacing, on course.
Aiming for a malleable subject to shape and indorse.

It was as if nature conspired and schemed against us.
Bringing favorable winds on their backs.
A gentle and steady push,
emphasising their every stride in their silent ambush.

Seasons came and season left.
A glorious symphony of colours and moods would commence.
One could see them,
if only they stood still enough.

Avoiding the busy distractions of this world,
that we know i
ts really tough.

For every moment spent thinking of them,
becomes a horrible berden bestowed by them.
Oscillating and slithering its way to our backs,
collecting our sorrows and our mishaps.

 A blossoming nest for fears to flow.
That a thousand eyes witness such act;
in the desperation to blend and feel intact.
Of the imprisonment and insecurity to really overflow.

Until a day new unfolds,
of how miserable and petrified our grasp really holds.
Mishabened and malnourished our mind borrows,

to sculpt and shape our next morrow.



Thoughts writing.png
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Thoughts white edition 2.png
Thoughts white edition 3.png

~The Drawing~


Thoughts white edition 2.png

Thoughts accompany us in our every step in life, be it as a friend or as a foe.

I began reflecting on that as of late, how burdensome sometimes is to think  in excess. To intertwine countless of thoughts creating the most peculiar and treacherous of gardens to navigate from. To the sheer flowers thoughts can grow, to the slithering thorns to pierce and wrap you around. I quickly understood how entrapping a state of thinking could really be. In the essence of being overwhelmed in life,  so do thoughts weights and carry such amount contributing to this burden. The poem highlights the sheer malignance of thoughts, but equally the sheer amount of them. A riddle to be had, in regards to how fleeting the act of observing such passive state  really can be. Describing it as naturalistic passive traits that one just simply pays no mind to, but equally is heavily affected. In the absence of our minds, do we find ourselves in a situation that we didn't account for, in uncharted territories. It seems so out of control and so irrational to begin questioning it, that we quickly find ourselves in a state of stillness from the sheer amount of weight we might feel when it gets out of control.

In every verse, and every word use to describe this webbing effect, the priority was to slowly layer the innocence of it, until it reflected the unaccounted effect that leaves us full of insecurities and indecisiveness.  Having a resulting effect of wanting us to control the uncontrollable, thus rendering us unbalanced and unprepared of what tomorrow really holds. The more we are burdened with untangled thoughts, the more stagnated do we become.



In reflecting thoughts in a composition I found myself leaning towards a serpent like creature, that tangles the protagonist. Every tale wrapping around them, a crippling thought that binds them together. Slowly taking away the confident stride in a still, yet unemotional state. Creating a plethora of tangles that bind not just the protagonist and its body but equally many of its environment together. Be it their thoughts taking a physical form and reflecting the cause of the burden that thoughts have, or simply a dimension full of how our tangled thoughts intertwine and relates us all together. For no one was spared of such state in our lives, our commonality yet appears in our struggles.

To the snake heads slithering and observing us all, to the eyes surrounding and watching our every step. A peculiar realm that no one wants to linger for too long, but equally stripped of the pleasure of making such choice. For in our innocence and naivety, are we taken the most advantaged off; even if the person taking advantage of us, is our own minds.

Blinding thoughts - unique variation
Thoughts writing.png
Thoughts writing.png



Thoughts writing.png
Thoughts writing.png
Poem design
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Drawing desing
Unique variation
Poem design



* poem page design 

Bundle I (LIMITED)

The original sketch of 'Thoughts' - alongside with its unique variation - 'Blinding thoughts' 


* The poem page design is included in the bundle

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